Sunday, March 18, 2012

El tooolo # III

I visited several video hosting sites. My favorite is still YouTube. The reason why, is because I can find pretty much anything. And I can also find many other videos done by students. This video embedded to this blogs is, one of my favorite as part of my curriculum.
this other video  i find useful as a hook to one of my lessons.     

I was already aware of fair use but it was pretty good to get reminded of the fact that: "as long as students/teachers are publishing content to a secure location (walled garden, educational network or website that require passwords, etc.) they can pretty much do whatever they want – as far as creating products for instruction or to demonstrate learning."   
It is pretty exciting that with Dropbox i will be able to access any saves files from any computer even from mobile devices. I find it useful in the classroom because there would be an ease of access to information for the students. 

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